Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
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2002-09-04 21:19:27 (UTC)

Cool New buds

I started hanging out with these two guys, there so awsome.
Nolan, and Cory. i think cory might ask me out though. but
anyway there so cool. there hillariouse and loads of fun to
hang out with. I also made a new friend Brian who i can
tell once he gets taller is gonna be sooo h ott, well he
came over today and we smoked my last 2 ciggs. *sigh* i'll
have to get some more, I learned how to make the smoke come
outtas my nose, lol, i'm so proud of myself, lol. well, i
really really t find a way to get more ciggs b4 i go crazy.

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