Sammy's Life
2002-09-04 21:11:33 (UTC)


Nothin really exciting happened today except that I
found out that the insurance company will pay for my littl
guard rails. Thats good, and they said that it wont count
against me unless I get into an accident in the next three
years. Well, guess what? I am going to be walking
everywhere haha.
OKay, tomorrow is the day I will talk to EB. I have
to talk to him! I just have to. I dont know why I am so
scared because he is really nice and he isnt stuck on
himself like the rest of the boys at Montour. I am just
going to walk up to him , introduce myself, tell him Ive
seen him around school, and ask if I can wear his jersey
on Friday. What is so hard about that?

PS. Here is my little profile on AIM if you want to check
it out ...sign the G-book please!

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