the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2001-07-20 03:24:23 (UTC)

when good gurls go bad ... tonight on fox...



So ne ways My mom is gettng on me about my grades .. You
know i not gonna push ,y kids like she does me .. she will
never let anything rest ! I am not a genies I wish i could
have someone roght my paper about the catcher and the rye I
have nto even read the book ! And I really don't wanna read
it .. but u know what i think I am gonna have to .. Unless
someone carea aboutme adncan do my report for me .. please
* grin*
naww its cool I am just not good at writeing reports ..
this year I am gonna get in there and do my best .. I mean
it !
I am being stocked ! Yeah I mean this .. this guy from
Victora who sounds like a nice guy or whatev had been
calling me off the hook today and all this started early
July when he called my cell and left me a message with his
number and when I called him back he was all I don't know u
I am sorry .. and so u would think that was the end .. yeah
right ! He called me last Sunday so I called him back today
when i got his message to see what he wanted and he has
called to my house 2 times .. I did not and really don't
wanna pursue a realtionship with him .. I mean he seems
nice or whatev but for this guy to have called my cell he
would have like had to track me down b/c he said that he
did not recognize the number the very first time I talked
to him and well he is a freak ! Oh well humm so I wonder
what "He" is doing ! I really do like him ! He called
today :) right before I went to practice so that made my
day .. I was so happy I got to talk to him ..
Its like all my life I have waited to find this guy and now
that I have I can't believe it .. I wonder at times when we
meet what he will say .. or do .. what will I say .. what
will I do .. Humm hopefully I will be able to see him next
summer or hopefully sooner b/c next summer i have decided I
am gonna go and check out colleges next summer for like 2
or 3 weeks and I am gonna go to Maryland and see whats up
there .. and u know some guys are such pricks .. I mean
okay her is whats up ... this guy from this " Frat " imed
me and now he is being a real pain in my butt so I am gonna
fix his little red wagon ..
I do not have to put up with bad behavior towards
me .. I am really sweet most of the time and have done
nothing wrong to that guy or the JAson guy form Victoria so
they can jump up my ass.. OKay that is the first and only
bad word I will use in here .. Here is why .. I got into
trouble last time my mom found my diary and it was full of
* bad words * hehehe * and he grounded me for like a
month .. way over protective but I deal with it !
Ya know i was thinking how hard my life would be if I
was a tennage mom .. I mean I give props to any gurl that
is doing it .. u see my parents would kick me out and
discommunicate me ! But they already sorta do that so its
okay .. humm ne ways yeah and if they did not do that I
would have to marry the guy .. how crazy is that b/c I see
all tese guys out here who wanna start crap with the mother
of their kids and they are all I hate u blah blah blah..
can u imagin a marriage with this type of behavior going
on ! Ya know I mean alot of guys .. cute guys at that tell
me I am really pretty and stuff but I realize they are
always older and I know I don't look olde .. i barely look
my age !!!!! I am wonder what is so great about me that I
attract guys .. I mean i look in the mirrow and only see
bad things and everyone eles sees good things.. am I blind
or are they ? I dunno
I miss Jeff .. : (
* tear*

LOve ya ~*~ Mac~*~

P*S* I love u Jeffrey Allen ** hehehehehehehe ** : p