Lizzie's Life in a Nutshell
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2001-07-20 03:09:41 (UTC)

Good-byes, hugs and tears.

So it is thursday night, 11:02pm. I have been studying
since 6:30...with random breaks here and there. The
majority of us left. It was kinda sad. Jaimie started
crying...awe! I must have hugged baby alex girl 5 times!
Mandy left too, and Jen. Awe!! Mandy (another one) left
too, and my roommate(ohsosadtoobad!). Tomorrow is going to
be worse. Im going to cry...i can feel it coming on! many
pictures were taken today, too. a lot of kenny and i. He
was "sexually harassing" me. Haha. He's kinda scary. Him,
and the majority of the dorm, are drunk right now. Im a
good girl, i have my final tomorrow...so im in my dorm,
studying since 6:30, now sitting here with a towel on my
head and in my p.j's. Ashley is in my room studying...its
more quiet than her room. Anyhoo...im so excited that i am
leaving tomorrow...but im upset too. Ya know? This was a
great experience! Im so nervous for my final though. It's
going to be SOOOOO HARD!!! I can feel it now! After the
test i am going to see my book back to the store, go and
grab a shirt for my bro, and head on back here to the dorm.
Then...its good bye time and I am taking everything
downstairs for the car. I cannot wait to sleep in my own
bed. Im also disinfecting my feet...cuz you dont know whats
around here...EW GROSS!!! Welp kiddies, im off to blow-dry
my hair and then hit the sack. WISH ME LUCK TOMORROW!!!