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2001-07-20 03:05:40 (UTC)


Thursday, July 05, 2001
I was reading some of my first entries today and I
realized that I used to think a lot more.
I was also thinking about some lyrics by Marilyn
Manson that I haven’t heard in years:
“Raised to be stupid
Taught to be nothing at all.”
--I Don’t Like the Drugs (but the drugs
like me)
I was thinking that he is absolutely right.
Everyone is this country is raised to be stupid, they’re
raised not to think for themselves and raised to have other
people show them what to do. Which, logically, leads to
education (my chosen field). In schools, people are taught
to be a cog, they’re taught to be something ‘useful,’
they’re taught how to not make waves, they’re taught how to
be nothing. Maybe the greats know this (intrinsically or
not) and act upon it. Maybe I’ve known it all this time
and I feel I need to do something about it (I'm a great?).
I’ve been feeling I’m not supposed to be doing what I’m
doing; that something is wrong and I should be doing
something, or someone, or somewhere else. The only problem
is that I just have a vague idea. I don’t want to waste
all my time and energy by moving away from MSU, so the only
thing really left to change is what I’m doing. I’m working
and going to school and I don’t like it.
I feel I should do something special. Here’s the catch
You know all those greats? Jesus, Ghandi, the Beatles,
Poe, Wilde, etc… they all knew what was going on; they all
knew that being nothing is stupid. Everyone has the
potential to do something. I know it, they knew it. The
difference between us is that they had the talent.
The catch is, what if I don’t?
Again, pretty vain, eh?