The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
2002-09-04 17:53:27 (UTC)

This is it...

Well this is it...that last year of school..its amazing
isnt it?..i mean to think that i have been in school for 13 a long time..and to also imagine that i
was lucky to have some great friends to help make the years Thanks to all my wonderful friends...if i forget
your name or dont mention doesnt mean i dont love just means that i have probably fallen to a hand
cramp or my terrible memory problem...But i love you all!
(p.s these are in no perticular order)

Mary- Wow..well what i can i say that hasnt been said?..i
mean we've been friends for 10 years.....10 YEARS!!!...but
its been great...its been fun..i mean all are wonderful
bike rides, and ATV rides..and oh the fun times we had at
the beach and then having your mom come and pick us was fun..from birthday parties to reanactments
we been through it were there for me and i was
there for you... i do know that you will become a very
famous journalist some day i will definitly read all about
you in the newspapers!...Thank you for every thing!
Love ya

Ashley-well...well..we have known eachother since 6th/ 7th
grade?..well it was in Middle school...and since then we've
been great friends...god i cant believe that the years have
flown by like they have..i mean from trying out for the
swimming team and you not making it, and then trying again
and me not making it! was something..and of course
there was the musicals! how we love those
musicals!...from are wonderful day skipping school and
going to the mall in go to Wal-Mart so that
you and Libby could apply for jobs and become Wal-Mart hoes!
And hey i have no doubht in my mind that you will be a
great Kindergarten teacher..!..Thanks for everything!...and
remember..THE JAW KNOWS!!!

Libby- well well ..were can i start from are very very very
long phone conversations about absolutly nothing to you
getting lost trying to find my house! what
7th/8th grade we've known eachother...and well we've had
great times in school to i know i know as amazing as THAT
comment may be it is true.. from psychology to Gym you have
always been my GENERAL! and dont forger when we go
t college the best day of the week will be...TUESDAY..and
you know why!?...PORNO TUESDAYS!!..yah ok well yes we do
need lives, but like i said we talk about absolulty
nothing..and besides Libby your my barbie friend..we still
need to have a BARBIE PARTY!!! Thanks for all the fun we've

Will- Well even though i havent known you as long as
everyone else we have had some great times!...from going
over to your house and playing on the computer with the
stick death!.. to going to the prom..with my best friends
boyfriend (you)..i still love telling people that!..thanks
for everything...and have fun in college freak

Well i cant really think of many other people so if i have
forgotten you, please let me know and i shall also write a
nice long entry about you...but to those that i am friends
with..Thank you for everything that you hcva

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