the true confessions of moi
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2002-09-04 16:04:41 (UTC)


i have no morning classes right now cause my only morning
class that starts at 11:00 is a spare for the next week
(weird gym system), and man, this is the only way to live.
the whole problem with school, i've discovered, is the
fact that you have to wake up at such horrible early
times. if school started at like... say, 11, no lunch
hour, then ended at 4:30, i would be much happier.
although right now i get to school for 1 and i'm home by
4... sigh. life is good again. today it's my turn to bring
the dope, and i got it, but i'm so out of cigarettes it's
painful to think about.. and so broke, too. i need a job,
just waiting for someone to get fired or quit their job at
pizza hotline, where i totally want to work... til then i
should apply somewhere else, but i don't know where i
would be able to stand working. the drug store down the
street, maybe. but who cares, it's off for me to do
whatever i want for the next hour and a half.. brother got
a playstation 2 for his birthday, grand theft auto three
is totally awesome, although i'm still dedicated to the
original nintendo. to everyone who can: DROP MORNING