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2001-07-20 02:56:34 (UTC)


Thursday, May 24, 2001
I bought the new Tool CD and the new Staind CD and
you know what? They are both not what I expected. I
thought the new Tool would just fuckin rock. Just be one
awesome single after another (like the Black Album by
Metallica was), but instead it’s like the Fragile by nin:
it has to be heard in its entirety before it can be
appreciated, and it cannot be heard only once in order to
be appreciated. Both Lateralus and The Fragile are not
albums that can be shown to someone. I can’t say “Hey
Lindsay, check out this cool song,” because you have to
hear the song before it and the song after it in order to
really appreciate it.
This sucks because Tool won’t get the recognition
from the mainstream they deserve. I don’t think they want
it (I read an interview with Maynard in Spin where he was
at CityWalk in CA saying that that is as close to hell as
one can get on earth. I’ll have to agree) anyway.
Staind on the other hand, I thought that they were
going to come out of their shells. I thought that they
were going to put together one kick-ass album that everyone
could enjoy. Instead they’re trying to be Creed; making
messages out of songs and hoping someone will pay them
lots ‘o money to hear it. It’s sad, but that’s what you
get when you hang around Fred Durst.

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