Jersey Girl
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2002-09-04 15:40:05 (UTC)

Something Special.

Yesterday was pretty cool. I took carol to a little spot i
used to go to when i was a youngin'. LOL. it was nice
though, to be able to share that with her. It might not
have seemed all that great to her, mybe just a bunch of
trees and a stream, but it ment alot to me. I think she
knows that. :o)

Then we hung out at Carol's place. That is ALWAYS nice. :o)
AND THEN! She made me dinner!!! Chicken and pasta in pesto
sauce with homemade garlic bread, BANGIN! Thank you Carol.

After that we watched FoxFire, kick ass movie, and then a
little TV, and after that, we turned the tv off and
just talked, for hours... like, 5 hours or so. But it didnt
feel like 5 hours. It never does, not with her. :O)

However, when i got home, it was another story. The fairy
tale ended, and i found myself sneaking into the basement
at 4am because my parents locked me out of the house. LOL.
THEN! My dad gets pissed off this morning when he sees me
sleeping in my bed, he's all like "How the hell did you get
in?!" I told him i called yonny on his cell phone, and he
let me in. Reason i say that, is because me and my brother
have an equal understanding that we leave the basement
hatch unlocked in case of these such emergencies. but now
im tired as fuck cos i didnt get to sleep until 5am and my
parents woke me up at 10am cos they thought i deserved it
since i came in so late and their little locking out plan
didnt work.

On a different note, Carol's gotta go into the office
today. hope everything goes well, its just that i know
carol loves what she does, it means soooo much to her, and
Neil is a very good friend of hers, i just dont like seeng
her feel sad, or down becaus of that psycho Robyn. Robyn has
no right to take her happiness away, or to pollute it. and
i really hope carol doesnt let her... i dont think she will.

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