2001-07-20 02:51:02 (UTC)


Monday, April 23, 2001
I don’t know why I’m so tired. It’s only midnight
and I’m thinking about going to bed.
It’s probably because I slept with Lindsay all
weekend. Not to say that that ‘s a bad thing, I’m just
saying that she takes up a lot of the bed and her bed is
teeny tiny. I am not a small man. I don’t have any muscle
mass, true, but I am definitely not a small man. I’m like
six foot tall.
Anyway, next week is Finals Week, which I am not
looking forward to. Actually, I kind of am. When Finals
Week comes around, I just have to spend the preceding week
studying, which means, in about a month or so, this week
will have never occurred. There will be no memory of this
week other than the grade I happen to get on any number of
final exams.
I only have to write two more papers, rewrite three
papers, and study for a math final. That is it.