Welcome to MY wOrLd
2002-09-04 13:54:16 (UTC)

Just another day.....

Well last night there was a huge thunderstorm like
shooting lightening at my dorm. It was at like 5 in the
morning and EVERYONE woke up and was like freaking out in
the hall... The fire alarm from across the street was
going off and I am pretty sure the Vo-Aggers got struck.
Oh well big loss. hehe. Ya so Of crose im scared of
thunder, so i had a pillow over my head for like half the
night. It was so loud.

I was laying there in bed thinking about what someone said
to me last night. They said that now that we are gone,
they kind of had to make new lives. And im
!!! Dude yo i am the
one that went
miles away, to a new place, with all new people, to start
something thats not gonna be exactly
But none the
less, I have no intentions of forgetting about where i
came from and the people who helped mold me into the
person i am.. But whatever.... I have to go take a shower
and get ready for class.. I'll add more later on.

So i just got back from classes, and it was pretty damn bad. I am so
tired and pretty much feeling sick. But oh well. I guess tonight i
am supposed to hang out with someone i met up here. Hes pretty cool.
Malyssa and Sara better come along as well.. A high point of my day
is the fact that Dale introduced me to the Bus system.. I took the
bus.. haha... its for lazy people! i would've walked but i didnt
feel good..

My mother sent me alink to this
9/11 tribute thingy. At the time of 9/11 i remember only being
scared for my selfish self,, worrying i was gonna get blown up. But
a year later watching that tribute it totally freaked me out. I mean
it shows pics of the people on the flights and it just scares me
cause they were normal people, and it coulda been anyone... ugh i
guess from now on i rather stay ignorant and shelterd from
witnessing those things.. I think i will just never leave my dorm
room except for class. i actually had to close the link i was so
bothered by it. Well heres the link, check it out maybe you can
handle it http://www.politicsandprotest.com/.

Today sara and fred were fighting none stop (Fred is our pet fly who
has been fucking with us for about a week now).. But I swear they
will get along sooner or later.. If not one of them will have to
go... This room isnt big enough for me to have two roomates.

So totally, I talked to the bestest man in the whole world tonight
for a while and it was so nice to hear a familiar voice. I later on
was chillin on line and got bitched out by that same person that i
had talked to last night that i thought i had made things better
with. Just goes to reinforce the theory he wanted me to believe.
That people arent who you think you are and so forth. Its not like
its jsut me who has problems with this kid.. He basically has
screwed everyone over at least TWENTY TIMES... oh well ya know. hes
just a drop in the bucket. Other people i talked to throughout the
night made me just realize how bad things change. One person was
happy and stood by my thought on being open about the past and what
is going on... Another person told me i just shouldnt say anything,
and that it private and not important to talk about. I dont know...
No matter what i do,.,, or how many people i want to help. I always
end up hurting... god i suck

Ill continue on this page tonight... keep up with me!