Visions Of Life
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2002-09-04 13:53:51 (UTC)


Looks like the United States is going to go after Iraq and
take over. I think its a big mistake but like always, my
thoughts get lost in the cries for war and violence. Okay,
so Iraq might be a year away from developing nuclear
weapons. Took them like 60 years. Who doesnt have nuclear
weapons nowadays? Are we going to attack every country that
has them? So Sadam is a evil lil facist. Who isnt nowadays.
It isnt our right to tell people how to run their own
country. They say Iraq may attack us. I doubt it. They
might nuke some country in the middleeast but then thats
not our problem. Oh wait, the United States thinks they are
mother to the world so everything is our business. Come on,
this is why people fly fucking planes into our buildings.
Because we cant let countries run themselves. If we attack
Iraq and take over or even if we nuke the entire country,
there will be retaliation. Saudia Arabaia will declare war
and pretty much the entire middle east. What will we do
then? Nuke the middle east? Then the world will declare war
on us. If the middle east goes to war with us we will
lose.There are too many people, too many religious
fanatics, too many pissed off citizens, too many people who
would be fuckin pissed off and they would retaliate, attack
the US and like i said before, the United States would act
like the fuckin victim. I wish thje United States would get
the fuck out of Israel. Thats the cause of all this fuckin
mess. But oh no, there are too many jewish people in the
United States who would be pissed off if we let Israel
fight its own battles. And angry citizens are angry voters
who will vote your ass out of office. Tragic. These
countries can nuke themselves to death for all i care. Its
their right as countries. Its their right to make weapons
to defend themselves with. I dont see Britain telling us we
cant have our weapons technology. And if they did we would
kick some British ass. The United States is not God. They
are not the ultimate power in the universe so i wish they
would quit acting like it. Its getting fucking old.