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2001-07-20 02:44:09 (UTC)


i have dreams. i think of my dreams as a window into my
life of someone elses. i can analize a dream better then
anyone i know. i wish i couldnt but i do. i have a dream
that i lived 6 miles away from my ex-girlfriend and she was
going out with another guy. well i was at her house and her
and her boyfriend were there. and for some reason her mom
Thought that we had been having sex and she didnt trust
us even though she was goin out with another guy. well that
night that i came over to her house her mom told me that i
had to go home. she toldd me that i could not sleep over
because she couldnt trust us. well i went home and then my
other friend called me and told me that my ex was going to
have sex that night. the first thing i could think of was
to call my ex and tell her that i didnt want her to have
sex with anyone. well her mom answered the phone and told
me never to call back ever again. and i told her mom that i
fell inlove with her daughter and she said that i would
have to make my ex love me again. well in order to
understand all this you got to know that i moved to
colorado from california and i left my ex there.i am only
17 and an liveing with my mom now. my girl and i decided
that it be best that we break up when i went away. well she is
under the inpression that sh will nevergo out with anyone
or be with anyone but me in her life. and i believe this . i have
taken this dream apart and i
found out that my girl will stop loving me when i am gone and
i will have to make her love me again when i return. but if
she stops loveing me that doesnt that mean that she never
really loved me in the first place. i may not know about
love but who really does. i just want to be happy . but
when i think about her being with someone else it makes me sad. i
really love her. then again maybe i dont.