2002-09-04 12:13:18 (UTC)

First Day of School

Hugh started school this morning. This is the last year
I'll have a child in the K-12 system and all I can do is
breath a deep sigh of relief. John's pointed out to me that
I've spent a total of 50 (!) years dealing with the public
school system. That's 12 years with Jack, 13 each with Owen
and Gavin and 12 with Hugh. I told him that there has
(again) been a turnover in the personnel at the high
school--all new office personnel, a new principal and a new
vice-principal and my reputation has probably not proceeded
me so that means I may have to deal with pompous, arrogant
attitudes if I do have any problems. John smiled and said
"Yeah! Won't that be FUN!" Well, it could be. I'm just
hoping I don't have to deal with any problems.

The mini-van got a good cleaning yesterday--inside and out.
The boys washed and waxed the outside and I vacuumed and
cleaned up the inside. Beautiful!

John got some more firewood at his parent's house as well as
cornstalks for the sheep. He said the racks in the barnyard
are now almost completely filled with wood. He also said the
orchard is about ready to be harvested so that's been put on
the list for next week.

I still need to make a dental cleaning appointment for Gavin
and perhaps Owen too, bring Gavin in for the rest of his
immunizations, make haircut appointments, and buy Gavin's
dorm sheets. Tomorrow!