Bipolar - Fucked up
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2001-07-20 02:17:10 (UTC)

aggresion...go listen to pennywise

well i just got home from kick boxing, im really glad i
went tonight, i had alot to get out. i was sad and angry
and a lot of things. my mommom was in the hospital b/c she
couldnt breathe and i was fighting with my mom really bad.
i just wanted to die for the most part. and after i came
back from kick boxing i was fine. i mean im still thinking
bout death, but im not gonna try and kill myself. this sux,
i have to go to my parents friends house for the whole
weekened up in ny state, its gonna suck.i miss katy, my
sort of gf. i cant find her number and she hasnt called my
house b/c she thinks im still in the hospital. i really
miss her. my supposed to be bestfriend sheila is a bitch. i
dont know whats going on with her lately, shes been wacked.
everything just seems so fucked up, i dont know. well im
gonna go chat now and listen to pennywise.peace

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