Visions Of Life
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2002-09-04 07:30:29 (UTC)

Why I Hate Religious Fanatics

After September 11th the idiots of the United States(the
majority of the population) decided that Islam was wrong
because some dumb fucks claimed they attacked us in Allahs
name. Anmyone with a high school degree should know that
Islam is a religion of peace and nothing these fucks were
saying is in the belief system. Its as stupid as those
Christian fanatics who go bombing abortion clinics and
doctors and patients in the name of god. I doubt god would
want us wanting killing innocents. I doubt Allah wanted
them to attack us. But people go crazy with religion and
make their own rules. What makes these people think they
act for God/Allah/whoever? Religion has been and is the
cause of so much violence and it sickens me because i dont
think that was the intent. People have some sick need for
power and if they dont get it in their day to day life they
will give themselves religious power, mess with beliefs and
decide that they need to act for the superior diety in
question. When will people get it into their fuckin head
that there is NO RIGHT RELIGION? Have faith in whatever you
wish but it doesnt make it the ultimate religion. One of my
problems with Christianity. They seem to think they are the
RIGHT religion and it isnt so. Worship whoever the hell you
want to . There is no right or wrong. Tell the people in
Israel that. Religious fanatics will be the death of us.

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