Glimpse of Reality
2001-07-20 01:32:10 (UTC)

thursday July 19th 2001

Last night we went to The Gathering. now I can see why I
never go there. I've never seen so many mundanes in one
place. It was horrible it was like a normal club almost
people doing booty dancing crap on the dance floor I hated
it and the band wasn't having any fun either they begged to
leave and we went to Denny's. We stayed there for like 2
hours and talked and laughed Sam and Mike told us some more
stories and about two parties where they ended up
ransacking this kids house because he said he wanted to
rape a girl- who can blame them. then they told us about
Sam making it rain.. these guys definitely crack me up.
TW must think I'm neglecting him completely I'm realy not
but I've been so busy lately and it sucks big time. I'll be
glad when this weekend is over and the boys leave it's not
that i dont like them but, I need a break because Mother is
going on vacation next week and I have to house-sit.
A very cool thing happened to me today though, I got ahold
of Rogue from The Cruxshadows and he asked me to book the
Miami dates for them which is awesome because that means
I'll be booking one of my favorite bands! I love that.
and also an old therapist tracked me down from a drug
rehab I was in when I was like thriteen and he found out
how well I am doing and asked me to come and speak to the
kids in there now. I was kind of suprised that 6 years
later he found me but stranger things have happened. I
think it will be awesome I'd love to talk to those kids and
I don't know if I'll make much of a difference but maybe a
small difference will help. you never know because
sometimes when someone's older it helps a lot. He asked me
to do it this Tuesday and then do it once a month after
that. I think it will be great. I'll be talking to them and
after I talk I'll just be hanging out with them and talking
to them one on one for a little bit. Maybe it will do some
good but I am very excited.
and i believ thats enough for today we're going to my
brother- Brandon's for pizza and letting the boys practice
because their show is tomorrow @ Underland!