Confessions from a Sexy Princess
2001-07-20 01:15:58 (UTC)

More Past Events.....

More entries from my handwritten journal.....

JANUARY 10, 2001- Sometimes I wonder how different my life
would be if I had made different decisions. For example-
Had I stayed at Towson State, and not dropped out. But I
didnt really have a choice in that matter. My mom stopped
paying for it. Sometimes I wish I would have never met
Greg. What if Craig didnt grab my ass that night and kiss
me. Yes Craig my moms boyfriend. The reason why I moved
out of her house. He was such an ass. He was so drunk. I
as in the kitchen and he starts telling me how pretty I am
and he grabbed my butt and then forced his lips on mine. I
pulled back, started crying and I moved out within the
week. And my mom still dated him. fuck.......How
different life would be if the
decisons I made were different...

JANUARY 11, 2001- Greg is mad at me. He thinks I checked
his email on purpose. I did but is that the point? I knew
he was hiding something.....He wouldnt get so mad if he
wasnt hiding anything? But he was...i found tons of emails
from Shareese, one of his exgirlfriends and of course from

JANUARY 17, 2001- It seems like Greg has been getting mad
over the dumbest things. He got mad over the weekend
because I left the lights on in hiscar...he acts like I did
it on purpose....It was daytime when I drove his car- I
didnt knowhe had his lights on....I dont know what his
problem has been lately..He is distant and gets mad very
easily. When we went to bed last night, he got in bed and
immediately turned his back. He usually holds me for
awhile. The last time he acted like this was last June
when he broke up with me...I am now nervous. It hurts that
he is making me upset and cry everyday. It hurts a lot. I
miss the old Greg, the Greg I fell in love with. He is
being such an ass about everything.

MAY 4TH 2001- Paybacks are a bitch...thats what me and Tia
used to say all the time. I was hurt last week. I woke up
on the couch by myself. I asked Greg why he left me there
and he said to wake up and go to bed myself. He the
proceeded to treat me like shit for the rest of the day.
He successfully ruined my only saturday off. He went out
sat night and came in at 4am. does he want to be single
again? I will move out. I will make it easier for him.
People tell me all the time that Greg doesnt deserve me.
That I can do much better than him.....I think he is
taking me for granted. What would he do if I moved out?????

May 5th 2001- I have been feeling really down lately. Greg
is being an asshole. This guy Louis is a customer at the
post office. He asked me to go out to lunch with him this
week. He is married though so he is probably looking for
some ass... I said yea. I dont give a fuck about Greg
anymore. So whatever.

May 7th 2001- Me and Louis went out to Red Hot and Blue,
ate lunch and went back to his boy's apartment and had
sex. I feel not one ounce of regret.

07/19/01- I just got off the phone with greg. He said the
reason he cheated on me is because he has always felt
insecure about me. He said that I was too pretty for him
and he thought I was cheating. Was I supposed to believe
that?? Good line but I am not falling for it.

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