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2002-09-04 03:33:23 (UTC)

Token with a few of me girls

So whats up? well right now i am kinda stoned and we just
orderd dp dough. well ya. so I think i am going i forgot i
was smoking a cig.. anyways. Yeah so there are a few
things i want to say. I remember when somebody i knew
stuck up for our old group of friends.. so ya i stopped
writing for a few minutes because we just managed to set
off the fire alarm. People were running out of the rooms
yelling... So heres how it went... We were extremely
baked... as you can tell by the title. and Malyssa put a
brownie in the miocrowave for 15 minutes instead of 15
seconds.. never the less, i see the smoke bellowing out of
the microwave and then i opended the door and grabed a
book and started fanning the the smoke.. well i thoguht
that would help, i guess it just pushed the smoke into the
alarm.. well oh well, thats all over.

So ya what i was saying is i was thinking about something somebody
saying from
the old group i hung out with saying, \"i couldn't ask for
a better group of friends\"... i always wanted to blieve in it
and that it was true. in the past week i came to notice that that is
so false. I dont think you can ever quite say that
statement. You can always ask for more. And part of being
a good friend, is expecting more for people. Always
expecting them to be more than everyone else. So
personally i think this is true. This person stated that,
but i know that he most likely cant believe this. Friends
arent always who they say they are. and iff things have
any chance to change then they are not the best. and you
could ask for better.... its to bad that i have learned to
come to this conclusion, for some of my friends are the
best and I couldn't ask for much more. But as a whole. You
can always ask for more.

TOnight i talked to one of the people i got into a tough
spot with over the weekend. I miss not having a space
between us, that made it nearly impossible to continue at
a decent level of normalcy.... But What can i do?
Friendship is a two way road, and some people arent sure
of the trials and worries that come iwth following the
correct road. All i want is to be able to chat with the
people from home, have them visit occasionally, and to be
able to see them and catch up when i come home. Just
because i go to college doesnt change anything, and i
still feel the same way i did 4 months ago. I hold high
standards for people, and if i give you that honor, i dont
unerstand how i can get used and trashed! I think i need
to stop thinking about everyone else, and more about me
and my situation. Cause caring doesnt always help i
suppose, some times it has a really bad relfection in the

So ya, one of my really really really amazingly good friends from
home, just informed me she has a new bf. I am so happy for her. For
once i am ready to sit back and listen to her tell me about how good
it feels... instead of me rambling on. I want her to be as happy as
i was when i was totally into that certain person. She deserves alot
and i hope hes half as great as her. Well I just hope that things
turn out better for her, cause boy is it hard. But i know shes much
stronger and if anything, she will say what goes on in that
relationship. for she knows her worth and has some decent level of
self esteem. Im happy to hear this, but i still miss feeling the way
i did at one point. But i guess, good things come to those who
wait.. so here i am waiting...

Ok time to chill and watch tv with malyssa and sara.. bye

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