Thoughts to Share
2002-09-04 03:27:23 (UTC)


I have been a complete slacker tonight. Tomorrow....I work
like there's no tomorrow.
Yesterday I drove to Garner to meet Julie and Russ. Yay!
We ate at Applebees, which the atmosphere left a little to
be desired. The food was good, and the company was good,
so we had fun. I got to see all of Julie's beautiful
pictures from this summer. Wow-I have got to get back out
west. Russ passed the test. :-p OH! And....got my John
Mayer tickets for Saturday and the Norah Jones CD, which is
excellent. Love it.
My night to cook dinner. I think it was a success. Fried
rice, stir-fry vegetables. Yum. The studying...it didn't
so much happen tonight. I did some, but I talked a lot,
and called my mom. It's been a bad week at home, as far as
people we know, and things happening in their lives. It
just makes you realize how fortunate you are. And how much
you love your family and friends. Sometimes I wish I would
stay sheltered in my little hometown, some things would be
easier. But, somehow I know that I'm supposed to be here.
At some point, I'll know exactly what I'm supposed to be
doing, but I'm ok for now.

I have the most excellent brother in the world. :-)

Kinda excited about tomorrow. I'm learning bone-density
screening, and attending a career pathways workshop. Both
have the potential to be extremly long and boring.
However, they should be useful, and help me figure out some

The following email found it's way to my inbox. Lucky is
my cat.

I am so glad you came to see me this weekend. I brought
you a present this
morning and left it right outside the deck door.


My mom-she's hilarious.

That's all. Night folks.

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