My Confessions
2002-09-04 02:53:01 (UTC)

LaSt NigHt

Dear Diary,

Okay so last night was fun! At least it started out as
fun. Stacey and Sam came over with these three guys (2 of
whom I didn't know- named Jeff and Derek) and Vince. So
Stacey didn't bring her bf...go figure! At first I wasn't
gonna drink cuz i didn't want my house to get trashed, but
as the night went on, i kinda gave that up. I mean watching
Stacey flirt with Jay all the time was just too much to
handle. So I drank more than normal and ended up doing a
strip tease with Sammy. I was in a bra and g-string when
Jay forced me to stop. He practically dragged me outside
and is like 'what the hell are you doing?' i'm like, 'i'm
just having fun.' and he was all pissed at me. I mean, yes
i did drink too much, but what difference does it make if i
decide to shed that stupid good-girl image i am stuck
with. I mean, I am just sick of being called the good
twin. It's like ppl know me as the boring one or something.
I'm not saying I want to be like Cole, it's just I don't
like how ppl just assume things about me without knowing me
at all. I don't know what i want! I just decided to let go
last night, and i shocked the hell out of jay. He says that
he liked me better before, when i was the 'good' twin. He
told me that he never had any respect for Collete and that
he always thought she was a slut. So that little convo
totally ruined my buzz and then i was just this girl
wearing a gstring and a bra. So I sorta escaped with Jay
over to his house and he let me borrow clothes (i didn't
want to go back to my house and have to walk thru the
cheering guys half naked) and instead of going back to the
party right away we stayed in his room and were talking and
just chilling, when guess who shows up! STACEY! And then
she was all mad at me and was like "julie..we need to
talk!" so I go talk with her and she is like "why are you
flirting with Jay?" and I tried to tell her i wasn't, but
she didn't believe me and took off all pissed at me. She
ignored me during spanish today too...I can't say that it
bugs me though, her nonstop chatter about jay was annoying
the hell out of me.

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