Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2001-07-20 00:55:48 (UTC)

Three More

As of today, three more of those nasty pounds (along with
four more of those nasty inches) are gone. I'm so happy!
The only thing that could be better would be if I were
losing faster!

*We interrupt this diary to bring you a public service
announcement. Blue Angel has created an online photo album
with before pictures to show you just how badly she needs
to lose weight. To see it, just click on the link at the
bottom of this message. We now return to our regularly
scheduled rantings.*

Four weeks from today is the BIG day. I'm getting even
more excited every day! No wonder I'm on the right track
again. I am so determined to have a better body to go with
my new life at college! (And yes, I'll still be writing
once I'm there.)

I've been maybe a bit too excited lately. I've spent more
money again, but of course, it's been on things I need.
I'm such a tightwad. I hate spending money. It makes me
feel irresponsible and spoiled!

I didn't get to go work out at Curves today because it was
Mom's day off. She always has me running errands with her
all day, promising that we'll work out by the end of the
day. Well, we never do. She always ends up not eating all
day because she has to weigh in at Weight Watchers, and as
soon as that's over, she wants to eat the most fattening
junk food. Of course, then she whines about how she
shouldn't have. No wonder I have problems! I learned my
habits from her! She has no self-control. I've finally
started telling her when she's being stupid beforehand so
she won't whine about it later. It actually works.

On one hand, I can't wait to get to college! On the other,
I really wish I had more time to get this weight off.
People are cruel and they make snap judgements. I don't
want to be subject to that because of my weight. I guess
I'll just really have to buckle down and do as much as I
can possibly do!