No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-09-04 02:09:40 (UTC)

What an idiot

My step-sister IMed me is the

Coingal19 (9:59:17 PM): wigger?
redstarfish2 (9:59:28 PM): I'm not one thanks
Coingal19 (9:59:45 PM): neither am i or my friends
redstarfish2 (10:00:11 PM): do you even know what a wigger
Coingal19 (10:00:33 PM): yes... unfortunatly ur father told
me and i wanted to slap him
redstarfish2 (10:00:33 PM): Yeah, see, the difference is I
dont need my friends to kick your ass...pansy
redstarfish2 (10:00:47 PM): its awhite person trying to be
or talking like they are black
Coingal19 (10:01:28 PM): umm she isnt a wigger she is half
black and she was opver here when we were fighting the
other day and she remembered ur sn
redstarfish2 (10:01:41 PM): she said you asked her to kick
my ass
redstarfish2 (10:02:08 PM): and you dont talk to me on MSN
messenger and it's doubtful she just knew my e-mail adn
knew i had MSN when I didnt even think you knew that
Coingal19 (10:02:39 PM): no i didnt know that...
redstarfish2 (10:03:02 PM): then how did she?
redstarfish2 (10:03:27 PM): oh adn I love how
you're "friends" talk to me threating to kick my ass and
then end up dissing you
redstarfish2 (10:03:34 PM): great friends huh?
Coingal19 (10:03:59 PM): yeah i dont really care she talks
alot of shit too
redstarfish2 (10:04:04 PM): so do you
redstarfish2 (10:04:13 PM): but it doesnt get either of you
redstarfish2 (10:04:21 PM): except in a hole
redstarfish2 (10:04:28 PM): that you dig yourselves
Coingal19 (10:05:35 PM): well um for ur 411 i like my life
thank u verry much
redstarfish2 (10:05:53 PM): thats good, at least someone
likes your existance
Coingal19 (10:06:16 PM): fuck u
redstarfish2 (10:06:50 PM): no thanks, you'd enjoy that far
too much, and besides, I'm not bi or insest thanks
Coingal19 (10:07:31 PM): ur fucking sick
Coingal19 (10:07:34 PM): bye bitch
redstarfish2 (10:07:42 PM): I'm sick? you're the one
wanting to fuck me
redstarfish2 (10:07:47 PM): and I'm not your bitch
Coingal19 signed off at 10:07:48 PM.

lol, I'm great. lol.