Prodigy: The Next Chapter of the Beginin
2002-09-04 00:01:26 (UTC)

Days Go By

Wow what a week. I just started my fall classes Thursday.
The same days as I turned 18. I take soem pretty kewl
classes. I have Human Relations every Tuesday and
Psychology Thursday. The teachers seem to be ok when it
comes to their teaching but their kinda corny. one fo my
profs. Is actually decent. one of my friends Brian taht I
met toke me to a strip club. it was called Cellers. It
wasn't my kind of bar if you know what I mean. girls
everywhere. Friday was the worst. I got out of class and
straight to work. I worked behind the bar that night. but
other times i usually host. well i was carrying a rack of
red and while wine glass and beer mugs. well. I had to go
thru the kitchen. well My boss Anthony spilled blood on teh
tile floor and well, Me not looking where I was walking. I
slipped on it and the racks I was carrying went crashing to
the floor. Me being a Vegan was very gross. eewwwww...Yup
guys. I'm a vegan...and for those who don't know what that
is. it's an extreme vegaterian x10. No dairy products. no
fish. nothing. anyways. I landed ontop of the broken glass
and the blood. luckly I didn't get stabbed or cut. well.
that was not the end. I was pouring a chick her drink when
I dropped teh bottle...not once, not twice,, but thrice. It
was so embarrasing. I ended up giving her a free drink. I
really don't know why I was doing all thins but . it just
happend. I got the rest of the night off. which i needed
becasue I got home around 11 and slept till saturday
afternoon. I had to go back to work at 3 that day. but i
was refreshed. Vern who is a dishwasher/bus boy. omg he is
a cuttie. I don't really know his sexual orientation but I
think he might be atleast bi. were going to hang out this
sunday so he asked for my number and he gave me his...But i
do know of one guy that is gay. His name is matt. he is a
hair dresser. and you can't tell that he is gay..kind
of..but he is very sexy looking. today durring class. I was
looking around so freaking bored. I was so bored I looked
around and started to count how many girls in teh room had
tities as big as my head. I counted three. God That was
scary. But then I this guy who sits like ten seats left of
me. He has been eyeing me ever since I started class. sorta
creepy but very sexy at the same time. I can't wait till
GLBSYA. Gay Lesbian Bi Straight Youth Association. It's
tomorrow. So I can't wait. well I'm suppose tobe doing some
research so. I'll talks to you all later. peace out. peeps.