It smells like poop over here
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2002-09-03 23:29:46 (UTC)

how do you own the world, how do you own disorder?

you know what song that's from, no need to explain.
ever since saturday, i've been avoiding my house like
the plague. i don't want my mom or my brother to see my
back. my brother got pissed when he saw my chest was purple
from my first battle royal. my mom can't tell the
difference better being hurt and selling. they'd flip if
they saw it. i've been spending most of my time at rich's,
just hanging out. his mom's been cleaning my back and a lot
like a mother to me. his dad was so mad about what happened
to me. they treat me like rich's brother. i love that
family. i wanna get em something to show my appreciation. i
think ill send flowers or something. haha, that sounds so
fucking stupid. i dunno, ill think of something. maybe ill
just marry chrissy or something. haha, i gotta hope off, my
bro needs the phone, so in conclusion, the saady family
good, my family, not so good. PEACE!


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