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2001-07-20 00:05:52 (UTC)


I'm sick...I have a cold. I'm listening to Alex's Nirvana
C.D., Unplugged in New York, and I think track 5 is about
being sick. Cobain understands. He was so beautiful.
Anyway, because of the illness, I have an excuse to stay
home and sleep all the time. I've also been practicing bass
a little and e-mailing back and fourth with my brother Jonathon
who's at college. Fall asleep at 6 AM, wake up
at 3 PM. So completely typical. I wish something would
change. Something really interesting should happen, but it
doesn't. Nevermind...maybe I don't make sense. Today I had
the weirdest dream. I was in the living room and this guy
in a flying car parked in the back yard. He was sort of old
and ugly. He was here to save me. So I got in the flying
convertable and we went past all these tall city office
buildings. He told me he was a special psychologist who
observed everyone in tapes when they didn't know. It was
creepy and weird...a bad dream. A lot of the ones I
remember aren't too good lately. The night before it was
that I was alone in San Francisco in the middle of the
night, on all these dark, isolated streets. That's all I
remember of it though.
Love, Rosie