Confessions from a Sexy Princess
2001-07-20 00:03:26 (UTC)

Past Events.....

Ok. You are probably wondering about my past with Greg.
Well here are a couple entries typed directly from my
handwritten journal.

JULY 23, 2000- I spent the night over Gregs house the other
night. It was different because I havent been there since
June 8th. On June 9th he called me and told me that me and
him have been just "hanging out" and he feels like just
friends with me. He said it wasnt like a relationship. He
wanted to be friends. After being with him the other
night, I realized how much I missed him, and lately I have
not been able to get him off my mind. I have talked to him
and seen him everyday since Feb 1999 when we met and to not
see him for a few weeks is weird. After he told me he
wanted to be just friends with me, I played it cool on the
phone but after I hung up I cried for 3hours until I had to
be at work at 5am the next morning. I knew he wasnt joking
when he came to my house with the videotape of us having
sex. It was all destroyed and torn up. I cried some more
after that. I have no choice but to let him go emotionally.

AUGUST 18, 2000- Greg has been trying to spend all this
time with me lately but I have been avoiding him because I
am scared. Scared of getting hurt again. He keeps calling
my mom and my sisters looking for me. Jennifer told me the
other day that he showed up when I wasnt working. She said
he waited in line like he was going to buy some stamps and
then asked where I was. It is bullshit, the post office I
work at is 45min from his house and his job...

SEPTEMBER 10, 2000- I was at Gregs house last night and he
said he heard that I was dating someone else so I went
ahead and I told him about Chris, even though the few times
in July that I slept with Chris meant nothing. Chris was
just a sex friend. Greg got mad and punched his fist
through the coffee table.....I left the apartment and he
said that I was a whore that opens my legs for anyone.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2000-Greg just left my house, he proposed to
me. He looked so good, all dressed up-- but I turned him
away. I told him I cant do it. Especially because he
obviously bought the ring out of sheer desperation. I wish
he would find another girlfriend already and leave me

OCTOBER 2, 2000- So I moved back in with Greg. He has
been bothering me for the past few weeks asking me to come
back and make this work with him. He is promising that he
is a changed man...whatever. We'll see.

NOVEMBER 13, 2000- Sometimes I get in these moods where I
dont want to be bothered. Like yesterday, I was in such a
bad mood. All that was on my mind was what Kelly told me
about a month ago, that she was dating Greg the whole time
I was. Yes, he had a fuckin girlfriend the whole time I
was supposedly dating him. Now I dont feel so bad for
cheating on him here and there. I had always suspected he
was cheating on me but to find out that it is true hurts
even more. Thing that hurts the most is that he took me
shopping with him when he bought her tennis bracelet for
her for xmas last year. He told me the bracelet was for
his sister. I even picked out the bracelet. I know I have
him now but it hurts to keep thinking about it. Its like
the beginning of our relationship was one big lie. Then
Kelly told me that he told her the other day that me and
him were roommates. are you fucking kidding me?
roommates? And he was mad when I had sex with Chris.....

JANUARY 01, 2001- Yes the beginning of a new year. I am
supposed to be happy yet I am not. I just got done arguing
with Greg about bills , cleaning the house, and walking the
dog and now he hasnt spoken to me in the past two hours.
He said why he has to always take care of everything for
example when my car broke down , why did I call him. Well
if I am not mistaken , he is my boyfriend, right? my one
and only, first instinct would say to call him but
apparently he doesnt feel that way. And that hurts, along
with the fact that him and Kelly exchanged xmas gifts. Yes
Kelly his ex girlfriend....she was at my fucking apartment
while I was working. Ohhhh I could spit fire right now.