Welcome to MY wOrLd
2002-09-03 22:16:28 (UTC)


Well.. its tuesday and I am as usual, consumed by school
work. LOL.. riiiight. I woke up pretty early and tricia
went home. Then i went to lunch with Ra and read an
article for english. English class was great, but i am a
totally tard when it comes to writing and expressing my
ideas. Well This whole online diary thing, is actually a
english extra credit thingy! Well anyways.. At lunch i got
attacked by a bee and got stung.. ya thats right! JUST MY
LUCK! the legacy of embarassment to society lives on.
Anyways. I am actually so happy to be here today! I have
alot of work but I can manage.

Today in english, we talked about the sacrifices you have
to give up to become a good friend. this reminded me about
some of the stuff i told you the other night. About me
being a good friend to some, and not recieving the same
treatment. I just cant ever imagine telling someone i
spent a year with that i only hung out with them cause i
have nothing better to do, and because of alcohol and
stuff. Who in their right mind can act this way? and even
if, how can they go to sleep at night knowing the type of
person they are? anyways whatever.. Alls well that ends
well.. wait. it didnt "end" well.

oh and I just have one thing to say to all of the suffield
teen population. I am 50 miles from you! You have no idea
what is going on here, and will only know if i like you. I
dont want to hear who you heard I slept with, or who sara
threw down the stairs... Word to the wise: I just dont
care... What we choose to do, we will, and what happens
between us will stay in between us. Sorry i had to get
that off my chest before i shoot someone! im not trying to
be a bitch, i just for once, want what happens to me to
stay between me and the people that matter... Thanks~