Sammy's Life
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2002-09-03 21:52:43 (UTC)

No More School Please

OKay so we had a three day weekend which was sweet but
it sucks to go back. I had to dress up today because I had
a job interview right after school and I wanted to make a
good impression. Well, no one checked me out today (that I
noticed)like JE did on Friday...He got his hair cut and it
is now a buzz cut :-( I liked it better before but oh well
it doesnt matter.
Usually,when I pass EB in the hall he doesnt look up at
me or he is just looking somewhere else. But, today, he
was passing me in the hall and he was staring right into
my eyes. It was intense but you know I am self-concious so
I figured I had something on my face lol. But he would not
stop looking at me so I stared right back at him. His eyes
are beautiful. At lunch, I was sitting down and he was in
line and he kept looking at me. I just imagining
this? I am so very pathetic...But, I am soo going to talk
to him on Friday. I just have to!! I cant be soo damn shy!
I saw Kegan at the store today (he is my friend so I
can say his name haha) and I waved...he gave me a huge
smile...Gosh those dimples of his!!!!!
I'm sorry I dont have any crisis other than I havent
talked to EB. I just dont have a messed up life....but I
think I am messed up myself...long story...I will get into
it another time because I have to do some homework now and
I have a little headache :-(

Until Next Time America