2002-09-03 21:17:36 (UTC)

maybe im being ridiculous. but..

maybe im being ridiculous.

but I ~AM~ RIDICULOUS. i AM. i have always been. and i
cant help it.
i can help getting angry AT him but i cant help feeling bad
at certian things so why SHOULDNT he KNOW?

i just i wasnt even surprised. crushed, yes. but not
surprised. and thats the worst part. and he knew, and he
just walked away. you know. what the fuck.

yeah maybe hes trying but hes not fucking trying hard
enough apparently. he still has PRIORITIES that make ME
feel worthless. i was just trying to be cute and do
something nice and see him i thought he'd be happy to see
but i thought wrong.

im not going to work. no fucking way can i smile right now.