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2002-09-03 21:06:00 (UTC)


As far as love is concerned, I have a few questions.. WTF
does it make you think. Its like you loose all senses and
knowledge of everything you hear. Not saying I've def been in love..
But i have Loved someone. I know that I could'vebeen easily cured of
this all, just by LISTENING to my friends. Listening to the people
who knew me. but i guess I got what i asked for. I dont get why its
so easy to fall for someone and so hard to just go back. Why is it
so impossible to go back to normal. I just hope its not a one shot

I totally thank god for everything i have learned and
experience, but DUDE!! help me out here. Once you feel a
certain awy for someone it is just so hard to break that
cycle! i am don't get me wrong im in a school with a ton
of amazingly great looking guys and guys that are sweet.
But either way, I am not looking for anyone one night
stands or random hookups. because i've been there, and
where did it get me? No where! it actually helped fuck up
things that actually could have meant something. I can
honestly say that I refuse to touch anyone that i am not
emotionally attached too, I'm better then that. Not
trashing people who do, but i just have more respect for
myself. Ive been there and I cant go back! its all about
who you wanna be... how you wanna be looked at. I dont
want to be looked at as i was. I dont want to give anyone
the right to call me anything im not. I've made mistakes.
But hey? cant we start over at some point!

We can chat more about this later as for now.. Plato is
calling me and begging me to read and worship him! later