Welcome to MY wOrLd
2002-09-03 21:04:31 (UTC)

Suffield FUNTASTIC cont.

The next night, i went over one of my friends house. After
everyone left, we talked alot about a ton of stuff. Well I
basically talked, and ha the poor kid listened. Either
way. I am so thankful, i can maintain one friendship
throughout this tough transitional time. i just hope
things dont change with him. But I think one of my huge
problems is letting go and grasping change. I mean i just
cant bear the thought of losing or giving up at anything.
I guess im just a tard! well either way. I seriously can
only hope that i can at least teach people, that some
people will care unconditionally, and that those are the
people you should value, more so then the other people
who'd ditch or watch you get harmed in anyway. Tricia
brought me back to Storrs the next night, and stayed the
night. I am happy i have her as a friend. I never thought
i would be happy to be back. But i am, because my home is

I am also scared of the fact that i might be growing apart
from one of my close friends. She stated "see you next
time we are home" knowing very well that wouldnt be till
dec. This is after we made plans to visit each other. Well
either way, that was such a terrible insult, and I
seriously hope that it is so far from the truth. I pray
actually. Because she is one of the person who helped me,
when i thought i couldnt be helped. I just dont want to
lose that

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