My life
2002-09-03 20:52:48 (UTC)

*The Crossdresser says sorry*

SugarPlumXxOo: hey
Esskater1988: wat up
SugarPlumXxOo: nothing u
Esskater1988: same
SugarPlumXxOo: kool
SugarPlumXxOo: are you and alex going out yet?
Esskater1988: no guess wat she said
SugarPlumXxOo: wat?
Esskater1988: noo......casey likes u too much
SugarPlumXxOo: omg she dosent even know me!!
SugarPlumXxOo: fuck her she can get over it she needs to
go out with you
Esskater1988: r u sure
SugarPlumXxOo: yah
SugarPlumXxOo: uhh that makes me mad!!
Esskater1988: do u really want her too cuz i wont if u
dont want me 2
SugarPlumXxOo: well considering wat we've been through..
SugarPlumXxOo: watever makes you happy
Esskater1988: r u sure

SugarPlumXxOo: yeah i want you to be happy brant

Esskater1988: aight
SugarPlumXxOo: ill talk to her plus i like someone a lot
right now
Esskater1988: casey
SugarPlumXxOo: wat?
Esskater1988: i love u
SugarPlumXxOo: i love you to
Esskater1988: who do u like
SugarPlumXxOo: i dotn wanna tell you
Esskater1988: just tell me
SugarPlumXxOo: he is the only other person ive ever
loved..except for you....uhh krueger
Esskater1988: really
SugarPlumXxOo: yeah i dont know why
SugarPlumXxOo: ive just been thinking abotu him a lot
Esskater1988: its cool krueger is a pizimp
Esskater1988: aight h/o k
SugarPlumXxOo: pizimp?? thats a new one
Esskater1988: ill be back in like 5 min
Esskater1988: yaya
SugarPlumXxOo: alright
Esskater1988: h/o
SugarPlumXxOo: k
Esskater1988: i will
Esskater1988: h/o
SugarPlumXxOo: can i ask you a question? alright
Esskater1988: i gotta smoke a stoge
SugarPlumXxOo: uhh
Esskater1988: ya
Esskater1988: ask
SugarPlumXxOo: did you tell ben that i was a bitch, ugly
and u regreted that day? tell me the truth
Esskater1988: i will tell u the truth
SugarPlumXxOo: ok
Esskater1988: no i didnt
SugarPlumXxOo: then why did ben say that? im not trying to
bitch i just need to know
Esskater1988: i sed ... u no wat would be really mean?...
then he sed wat ... then i sed if i sed that u were ugly
and wat ever
Esskater1988: im soo high
SugarPlumXxOo: well it dosent matter
SugarPlumXxOo: you are always high brant!!
Esskater1988: i no
SugarPlumXxOo: haha
Esskater1988: sorry i love u
SugarPlumXxOo: love you 2
SugarPlumXxOo: been avoiding me this week?
Esskater1988: no
SugarPlumXxOo: haha
SugarPlumXxOo: so do you want me to talk to alex 2morrow
night n tell her that i want yall 2 go out
Esskater1988: i guess
SugarPlumXxOo: no do u
Esskater1988: ya
Esskater1988: i guess
SugarPlumXxOo: fine i wont
Esskater1988: ya do it
Esskater1988: i guess
SugarPlumXxOo: stop saying i guess!!
SugarPlumXxOo: haha
Esskater1988: i guess
Esskater1988: j/k
Esskater1988: ok
Esskater1988: i guess
SugarPlumXxOo: dork!!!
Esskater1988: ok really i stop

SugarPlumXxOo: ok!! so wat are you doing this weekend
SugarPlumXxOo: eminem on MTV soo hot
SugarPlumXxOo: ok u call talk now

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