My life
2002-09-03 20:49:14 (UTC)

*ThReE wEeKs AfTeRwArDs*

Esskater1988: hes bein gay as hell
SugarPlumXxOo: why the fuck do you keep saying im annoying
wat the hell did i ever do to u
Esskater1988: fuck u u always say danny is annoying so how
do u think he feels
SugarPlumXxOo: no i said it was annoying how u kept
calling danny
SugarPlumXxOo: danny is the best person there is in my
Esskater1988: no u sed danny is annoying
Esskater1988: bye
SugarPlumXxOo: why are you acting like this
SugarPlumXxOo: wutever brant thanks a lot for being the
biggest jerk to me when ive never done nething to you i
hope your happy w/ urself really congradulations!!!!
Esskater1988: u were in love w/ me 4 so long it just got
old so u did do sumthin
Esskater1988: bye
SugarPlumXxOo: um thats not my fault
SugarPlumXxOo: sry but it was worse on me then it was on u
Esskater1988: o well well talk about it later
SugarPlumXxOo: watever no we wont
SugarPlumXxOo: bc you wont talk to me about shit
Esskater1988: fine we wont
SugarPlumXxOo: watever brant sry i actually cared about
you and loved you
Esskater1988: i would have but i guess u dont want to so
SugarPlumXxOo: i do but i know you wont
Esskater1988: ya i will later i got to much shit on my
mind rite now
SugarPlumXxOo: ya well if you want then you freaking can
come over bc im not going to ask you to bc im annoying
Esskater1988: alright bye
SugarPlumXxOo: bye
Esskater1988: i hope u have fun not lovin n e one 4 a
SugarPlumXxOo: what
Esskater1988: ya hurd bye
SugarPlumXxOo: well sry but i still love you and i wish i
didnt but im sick of you hurting me brant
Esskater1988: damn u need to stop
SugarPlumXxOo: i wish i could
Esskater1988: im not gonna talk to u 4 a while maybe thatl
SugarPlumXxOo: its not going to work
Esskater1988: fine
Esskater1988: than ill never talk to u
SugarPlumXxOo: why are you doing this
Esskater1988: cuz its gone to far
Esskater1988: bye
SugarPlumXxOo: watever just ruin my life fine..shows how
much you freaking care about me
Esskater1988: i do but its gettin really annoying
Esskater1988: bye
SugarPlumXxOo: ok i havent even mentioned me and u getting
together....ummmmmmmmm u had sex w/ me remember..u kept
coming over hooking up w/ me remmeber??? I NEVER ASKED U
Esskater1988: ok bye
Esskater1988: but i no u wanted me to thats y i did it
SugarPlumXxOo: no i could have waited to do it w/ sum1 who
actually gave a fuck about me..YOU DONT
SugarPlumXxOo: wateve ru know if i kill myslef its all bc
of you!
Esskater1988: well than wait it wont happen again
Esskater1988: but u wont
Esskater1988: i hope
Esskater1988: :-(
Esskater1988: bye
SugarPlumXxOo: ya well u think wrong brant thanks for
ruining my life i hope your happy w/ urself, and...n/m i
dont care nemroe im sick of crying so if you ever want to
talk to me u know where i live bye