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2002-09-03 20:48:47 (UTC)

i dont fit in! (send feedback)

i know i know!alls i ever talk about is being with ryan and
being in ryans world... but ryans world is a f*cked up
scary place sumtimes!

i mean every gurl he knows is trying to get him to dump me
now that we ARE finally going out! and all the peoples he
knows are much much much younger than me! and he's gone out
with sum really pretty gurls and im shit ugly!

not to mention that all of them are those type of people
that walk around with there noses in the air with their lil
pom poms and cheerleading alfits on reppin cheering as a
sport! WHATEVER!

i love him to death but i cant shake the feeling that this
might not work :( once he does get into my school whats it
ganna be like!?!?! *if we even last that long* we have the
odds working against us here but alls i can do is hold
strong and pretend it doesnt bother me!!!

he told me he keeps a g/f at an average of 1-3 months and i
dont want to be dissed 1-3 months after we really have time
to get closer! well you get the picture now u see the
problem send feedback okay! tell me if im just over
protective or if it's all truely a big weird mess!?!?!?!?!