A day in the life....
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2002-09-03 20:41:05 (UTC)


It's absolutely amazing what can happen in just a few short
days...or for that matter, a few short moments.
I got to go home with Brian this past weekend. Well we went
to Purdue's football game first, then to visit his camping
grandparents, then his house. Man..this past weekend was
just packed with events...just one that will be with me
quite possibly forever. Brian told me he loved me....and
here's what led up to it. as per usual on a sunday we went
to church in the morning, then we got back home and changed
clothes, his mom and i made lunch and we ate, then we went
to see his Granny (great-gma) and his surrogate great-aunt
in Linton. Then we went to Walmart! *laughs* then home to
eat dinner, watch TV, just sit and talk and goof off with
his brother. Then we went bowling, got some ice cream, and
just drove around the country side. The sky finally cleared
up so we stopped the truck and got out to do some star
gazing. He held me in his arms and we prayed together. Then
after i had been pointing out a few constellations he
tickled me and i pushed away and turned around. We hugged,
and he held me so tightly..i thought he'd never let go.
Then he wispered in my ear, "I love you, Erin" I thought i
was going to collapse..but he just keep holding me tight
and i held him tighter. When i thought i'd be okay i
loosened my grip, placed my forehead on his, and said "I
love you, too"..then i had to sit down. So we pulled down
the back of the truck bed and sat. And he just held me...we
kissed a couple of times...but i felt like i was just
everywhere at once.
Yikes! Time to go to work...i'll write more later. God

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