In the End
2001-07-19 22:53:19 (UTC)

Hard Goodbyes

I thought perhaps the absense of the hellish hallways of
school would make relationships less complicated. I was
hoping maybe the new environment, the milestones happening
all around us, the plummeting stress levels, and the notion
that soon most of us will be leaving for good would raise
our spirits and make everyone nice. I can't tell if
everyone is just getting sick of eachother or if they are
trying to make the goodbyes easier.

I once read that in order to leave truly happy, you need to
make the goodbyes as hard as possible. I think that's
excellent advice. It's better to look back on things and
realized you still have an army of flourishing
relationships and shoulders to lean on waiting for you at
home than a whole lot of bittersweet memories.