Jess's Journal
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2002-09-03 20:28:51 (UTC)


yeah so not too bad of a day. lots of cute guys. but i
think i'm gonna take jimmy up on his offer for homecoming.
cuz i can't not go. that's just dumb. being with friends
has proven to be helpful. way helpful. at least they care
bout my well being. no homework which is really good.
interesting honors english class though. how many pairs of
shoes do you own?? ummm...10. y the personal questions? who
knows...do u own a car? sure..do u know why it resembles a
black hole? uhh..cuz it sucks up all ur money...monkey poo
is really stinky..did u know that...what would u rate the
school if u could?...i'll be generous..i'll give it a
3...who cares? school is school. ha...interesting... so
while ur meeting new gals..ur brother is out doing em
too...?!?!?!?!?! i can't believe u just said that..it was
only a slip of the tounge..oooopsy.