Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-09-03 20:24:15 (UTC)

loud noises and no sleep

Ok, so imagine waking up at 8am to hearing 3 dogs wimper
and about 300 birds chirpping and skwaking. And what makes
it worse is that i can't go to sleep till 2am. Anyways, I
am watching my Brothers house for a couple days and I love
them and their animals....well mostly. I hate cleaning up
pee pee, poop, and vomit. But cute dogs are, well....cute.
Anywho I did alot of band work today and somehow got in a
nap. I have called 3 states email about 500 people and have
gotten together about 5 envelopes to send out tomorrow.
Then Ben called and told me that we are going to go play
acoustic for some real nice older people sometime soon.
Other than that I have been trying to get my finances in
order and looking into how I can get more money(like
getting a new job, or selling my blood). The rest of my day
is going to be spent with a lovely lady, driving an hour,
picking up Cd's, and practicing with Ebenezer(thier last
concert is Thursday with us and I play bass wth them if you
didn't know, and Jon Sheats[the guy going to play guitar
with us] plays guitar with them). Anywho thats my day. I
hope your life sounds as fun as mine.
September 3rd
P.S. Joel, Happy Birthday I Love You. You are like my
Brother and one of my Best friends.