Happy days, and then those other ones
2001-07-19 22:08:51 (UTC)

do i really look like THAT?!?!??!?

Okay, i'll be cool, just like everybody else. That's fine
with me... you know, being the tagalong. Okay, I've read
other people's, and to be honest I felt really nosey doing

What's new? well... i saw my senior pictures today, and i
guess some of them looked okay, but of what i have to
choose from, i think i'd rather have my name listed at the
end in the "picture unavailable" list. but hey, after 6
years of black and white pictures, i get COLOR. But is
that always better? Well, I think i look much better in
black and white. actually, i look better behind the camera.

janna: are you online? are you going to be online all
night? bla bla bla...

like she's never been on for excesive hours before. well,
she is so much better than me.