Dear God Shoot ME!
2001-07-19 22:02:01 (UTC)


Alright as some of you who have been keeping up with my
journal know, Ellie is a very rude person. Just today I got
4 emails from her...all of which were insulting. Ive grown
very sick of her now, I decided to stop her harrasment. I
did the one thing that I knew would work....I reported her.
Yes, hopefully she will do jail time!!! YAYYY!!! It pisses
me off when people incist on pissing you off with insults...
So technically I won , and it didnt even involve murder. So
i think i get points for that. So now that one of the 3
evil beast is out of my life....hopefully for good, all I
have to worry about now is Amanda and Heather. Oh jesus..if
im not being harrased by ellie Im having my mine played
with by those two....I think I now know why kids shoot
other kids...(seriously) they get pushed to far. Since I
dont like to see people be pushed around and harrased. I
think that I did the right can think what you
want...but you dont get these emails saying how you would
be better off dead.