Nick's Journal
2002-09-03 18:41:41 (UTC)


Now I know i bitch a lot about drivers as is, but the
students around here drive like a bunch of monkey-headed
First some girl cuts my ass off and then roars all the
way up to 25 mph in a 40 mph zone. What the christ is she
doing? Jesus, please, just crash and burn.
What's with the pulling out infront of someone too? Does
it increase your testicle size? Does it augment the
breasts? I mean come on, the same with racing, or
tailgating......if it somehow enhances your genitalia then
i can see it, but otherwise, STOP BEING STUPID.
and what's the fucking hurry? everything you need is
withing a 5 min. range. what the fuck do you have to hit
3 digits on the speedometer for? you afraid your milk is
giong to bad over the 1 and a half miles from kroger to
your apartment? especially girls.
what the hell is with your gender? everytime i'm almost
on the hood of a car it's a girl in the car. usually
they're sorority types. i just don't understand, i mean
are they ovulating in the car? is that why they have to
act like flash gordon?
moreover, it's not that fucking tough to take a left hand
turn over to lanes of traffic. just close your eyes and
get out of my way.
another thing. if you're one of those visor-blinded, self-
talking, women/men that fly around the god damn campus
like a cruise missile, i hope you crash and burn. get
your dumb ass off the phone and pay attention to what's in
front of you. pull the visor out of your damn eyes so
that you see what's happening.
i think that's about it for now.