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2002-09-03 18:26:54 (UTC)

well i haven t written in bout..

well i haven't written in bout 2 days, i think. there was a
lot that went on. rght now, i don't like Danny as a bf, i
think he's better as a friend, 4 now. I went to the movies
yesterday n saw Blue Crush. n saw every1 from the temple
there. it was polina's b-day. which is not that nice to me,
but i said happy b-day to her newayz. well i was supposed
to hang out with Danny today but didn't, i dunno if i will
ever get to hang out with him. i think im going to stop
talking ot him. which i think will b a good idea. well
right now i feel like every1 hates me. u know that song she
hates me by puddle of mudd, well i feel the same way but,
the world hates me. i think i lost all my temple friends
except 4 anthony. cuz i know he will always b around with
me. he's good friend. bu i don't know bout the other
people. i don't think there my true friends. i think they
talk behind my back. n think i don't know botu it. well
guess wa i do. n i hate yah's 4 going to that. last night,
was freaking. i was writing to myself. like i was dead. n
who ever was writing to me was smart. like me. she told me
wa to do. n i think it's my conscience. telling me to stop
doing the stuff im doing now. start over. get rid of
every1. there not yur good friends, but when i was writing
it it didn't seem like me. i have to go to the beach club
now so i will finish up latter.