my life...
2001-07-19 21:55:06 (UTC)

July 19, 2001

Dear Diary~
Today has been a pretty good day. I am glad that this
summer has improved. At first it was like one bad thing
after another. Before I left for vacation, we were all
informed of the death of Dominique Todt and although I
didn't know her, I felt the pain as I looked at all of my
friends' faces. I know what it is like to lose someone.
It's that gutt wrenching feeling that makes you feel empty.
It's almost like a swift kick in the ass telling you that
we need to appreciate every day of our lives because every
little thing is significant. The little things that surrond
us are all a part of our journey here on earth. This
journey can be ended like the blink of an eye. Anyways,
after that announcement, I went to North Carolina with my
parents and one of my best friends Kayt. That was great. We
had so much fun. I will never ever forget that vacation,
especially the fact that there were NO BOYS there lol. It
was a disappointment, but oh well. We survived! The whole
trip, I had a feeling that something had gone on that would
change everything. And nevertheless it did. One of my
closest friends made out with a guy that I did like. It
just goes to show you that you always need to keep your
guard up. I was upset at the fact that she would do that to
me, but also angered that a guy who was so called crazy
about me would be making out with my own friend. But
futhermore, after that life did begin to improve. My friend
and I reconciled. And as for the jerk that was making out
with her- him and I are friends I suppose. I just refuse to
let myself get to close to him again. Life really improved
when I met this amazing guy named Mike. He is like a guy
out of a fairytale. He just doesn't like to call me, which
is understandable considering that we have only known each
other for a mere three weeks or so. Mike has made me
realize that I should never let anyone push me around and
walk all over me like I am a dog. I only fear that he will
turn into one of those jerks, as all of my exs were. I sure
do hope that him and I get together. I would treat him so
good. Toda I hung out with Kayt. She leaves to go to CA for
8 days tommorow! I dunno what I am going to do without her.
I just hope she has fun. Tonight I am supposed to be
hanging out with 3 of my friends. Hope we have fun.
Until later~