Amy Kam

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2002-09-03 14:36:30 (UTC)


I am sooooooo excited now, cause' I decided to go to Cuba
with Wallace in Xmas!!!! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD, need to less
fat!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(((( My breakfast today will be
cereal...and my lunch is veggie and steam chicken... I know
I can do it!!!!

In the midnite yesterday, three phone calls from that ediot
James... kept hanging up after I said wei and expecting me
to call him back...why can't he just leave me alone!

Talking to Wallace yesterday made me feel abit sad... donno
why he never tell me stuffs about himself...and always have
his corky attitude...but yet I know he cares about me most
of the time.. OH WELL... wait until xmas!!!I will BEAT HIM


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