Mistress L

Ravings of a Self-Confessed Erratic Nut
2001-07-19 20:37:46 (UTC)


4:20 - Ooo! It's 4:20! That's so fun. Not like I have
anything to smoke, but we can pretend.

Moby was soooooooo awesome. We were 2 feet away from him,
he's so beautiful! The whole thing was an amazing
experience.He's a musical genius. There was a rave tent and
Orb played, they're wicked. At first we weren't dancing
much but then we were just like 'Fuck it' and we danced for
an hour and got lost in the music. As Moby said, "You can't
describe to someone who hasn't experienced a rave what it's
like dancing all night long to techno alongside lots of
sweaty, beautiful people with dilated pupils..." Haha.
Someone burnt my ass with their joint though. I forgave

We arrived back to Diana's house around 12. Jess had to
leave at 1, so we sat there trying to think of all the
words we could that started with P. It was really
complicated. Hurt our heads. Then Jess left and we got a
little bit drunk with the Parrot Bay that her mom bought
for us. We continued playing the word game, moving on to
the letter V, where we could only think of like 2 words
lol. But that was fun, i've never slept over Di's house
alone. It was fun.

We got up in the morning and went to this ghetto truck
drivers breakfast place. It was quality. I had like 5 cups
of coffee. Then we went to Wal-Mart because Diana wanted
leather cleaner, I wanted pineapple lip stuff and Jess
wanted pink flip flops. We all found what we were looking
for. It was wonderful. I love Wal-Mart. Oh man.

Then we listened to NYC underground w/ MelC's song on
repeat on the way home. I had nothing to do with this, I
swear, but I was proud of Diana's music selection. And now
I am home, ready to go to work soon. That is all. My pink
eyemakeup doesn't match my green Moby shirt so I will have
to change into my rainbow shirt so that everyone will think
that I am a lesbian or mariah wannabe...


More later..

Daily SATC QUOTE: "After all, computers crash, people die,
and relationships fall apart. The best we can do is breath
and reboot." - Carrie

1am- Work was boring. Actually I was racing around all night
waitressing, and then our dishwasher went home sick so I did all the
dishes as well. It sucked so bad. If I have to see Eric flirting with
that girl at work every day I don't know if I will be able to handle
working anymore. She's so nice too, why can't she be a bitch so I
could hate her? Oh well... Tomorrow i'm supposed to be going to
Boston with Diana and Jess. I think we'll actually go this time. We
always make plans and them break them, but we are determined to go.
Usually we make plans to go to the beach and it's not warm so we
don't. Like the day a few weeks ago that I went with Kelly and it was
freezing! Good planning has never been a virtue amongst my friends.So
unless we're all way too lazy to get up at 9, we'll go. I really want
to go to the garment district. I need to go find some vintage
clothes. I have some money to spend and I won't be satisfied til I
spend it! Jessy is in Ohio. So is my dad, but I didn't find that out
til tonight. Isn't that horrible? I didn't even notice he has been
gone since Tuesday night. That's how much I see him, or pay attention
when I do. I do like the atmosphere better when he's gone. Mean but
true. Alrighty, I am going to bed now.