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2001-07-19 20:00:50 (UTC)

Its lonely out here in the middle a no where

Last night, I had just sat down to dinner, and then
I heard my fone ring, but had a feeling that I needed to
answer it, so I did! Well when I did, It wuz Adam, telling
me that he wuz leaving for Texas right then! And that he
wouldn't be back till Friday! Well I am leaving for
vacation on Saturday! So here I am, with out Adam to call
me! Plus... I have been home alone all day! So it has just
been really quiet, while I have just sat around this house
waitin for some 1 to come home, or for some 1 to get my
messages, and just call me back!

LOVE, *~*Mallory aka Mallerdee*~*

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