A Princess
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2001-07-19 19:39:51 (UTC)


Woke up nice n late, muhahahaha, the orthodontist is so mean
he treats be like im dumb, grrrr anywayz gotta go back in 6
months, great fun, by the time my braces are taken off Im
gonna be 18,lol. Couldnt go to the cinema because emma wasnt
allowed, grrr she didnt even ring, she was late and I foned
her cos we were all meeting and her mum was like emma get
the fone and she was like no, no, no eventually she got it
to tell me she wasnt going, forcing me not to go :( Really
not fun lessons 2moro, grrrrreeeaaaaaattttt! I cant find any
good sketchers :( Anywayz not much else to say, ummmm but Im
gaining lotz of weight, I blame chris for not being here,
forcing me to eat chocolate...ANYWAY...Well cya'z 2moro,
Lotz of Luv
Your favorite chica,
*MOI* aka