My Life
2001-07-19 19:03:23 (UTC)

A Great Day

Today has been a great day. Many great things happened
today. Many great things happen every day, each day is a
blessing in itself, but today was particularly wonderful
day. Many good things happened today. So I suposse that you
would like to know what it was that made this day so great?
Well, I will start from the begining.
I got up, I showered, dressed and got ready for school. I
was not looking foward to school today because I already
passed my test and there is really nothing for me to do in
class, and my fourth period teacher makes me take out my
pericing, and that I find rather annoying. So I go to head
to class, and I see my friend Casper. He says that he is
ditching class all day and wants to know if I would like to
chill with him. I didn't really want to, I don't like
ditching class, I don't want to get in any trouble or cause
any problems of anything, but like I said I really didn't
want to go to class, so I said I would. But oh shit, I
don't have a bus pass. It's cool, cause Donnie has one that
I can use during the day. So we leave job core. That's
always a good thing.
We go to the bus stop and here comes this kid that I am
kind crushing...well I wouldn't really say crushing cause I
don't really get crushs, or whatever, but I think that he
is cute and I've met him a few times and he seems pretty
chill. The bus comes and we go to get on the bus. There are
allot of people at the bus stop, college kids going to
school and to chill somewhere till class n shit. I get on
the bus and there are like no seats, and I see the guy that
I think is cute and the seat next to him is empty and
behind him sits someone with an empty seat also. So Casper,
who has no idea I like this kid, sits in the seat behind
him and tells me to sit with him, so we can like talk n
shit. So I was like yes, cool. So I sat with him and we
talked a little bit, nothing much in particular but it was
nice. This is stupid and corny as hell I know, and I am
embarssed to write it, but while I was reading my book our
arms were like touching n was cool...tehe. I only
read like a page tho and I put the book away, hoping that
we'd talk more. We did a little bit. Not much but enough.
Then he got off. Damn it. tehe. So that was one cool thing
Then we get to Squirel Hill and nothing is opened so I
go to the store to get a 25 cent soda but I am a nickle
short, I though I had a quater but it was two dimes. I go
out side and ask some guy for a nickle and he gives me a
dime. (This happens through out the day.) I have a soda.
Barnes and Noble opens and we go inside and I ask if
they carry any tarot cards. (I bought a pack yesterday and
they cost 10 in price and quality) They
showed me a whole section of cards...tarot cards, oracle
cards, affrimation cards, I Ching cards....every damn
thing. I was nuts! I planned on getting a pack of tarot
cards, but now I just didn't know what to do, there was so
much awsome shit, how was I supossed to choose??? So I grab
what I like and take it upstairs to review what I want and
take it. So like I couldn't choose. I narrowed it down to
like a few decks and such of diffrent kinds. I still
couldn't decide so I was like fuck it! and I shoved them
all in my bag. What I had? A merlin tarot deck, an original
Rider Waite tarot deck, and angel and fariy oracle card
deck, a negativity dragon deck, visual I Ching, a Healing
Rune set, Peace of mind affrimation deck, 25 great cheap
dates, a tiny little book on happiness, one on Feng shui,
and three kick ass book marks. I can't believe all the shit
fit into my bag! I hate stealing. rephrase that...I HATE
STEALING! not only is it just wrong, it is terrifying as
hell! But I wanted all the shit so badly...damn it yes I
caved into my materilistic human desires...I know bad wrong
smack I walk out. I wasn't shaking too badly on the
outside, but inside my blood was bubbling. My nerves were
quivering. I walk past the alarm checker thing. I hold my
breath. Everything slows down. Nothing. Out the door. Big
Smile. Down the street. I am like panting and losing my
breath and shit and like freaking out. I can't believe I
just did that!!! That was fucking crazy!!! The total of
everying I just stole was at least 100 dollars worth.
CRAZY! I need a ciggarette!!! Casper says, it's a great
rush isn't it? Hell FUCKING NNOOOOO!!!! That sucked so much
ass! But dude, I got all the shit I wanted. And I am not
going to do it again...I will be entertained and satifised
with what I got for years to come. I got more than just a
good set of tarot cards. Much much more than I needed or
expected. Very good thing. awsome thing.
Yea and I need to go to the dollar store so that I can
get hair gel and spray n shit. I have 7 dollars in my
wallet, no change. (soda) So Casper and I split cause he
dosen't want to go to the dollar store, but I have to and
aside from that I want to. I get on a bus, take it in the
general direction. I ask a few people how to get there. I
am directed in the general area. I get off the bus, walk a
few blocks. The lady said it was only a block or two down,
and I have gone four or more. I go into a store and ask
where it is, they say its right next door. I walk out, take
like three steps, and there it is. Yeah! I find gel and
hair spray, and hey, bonus, the candles I need for my
little candle holders, 8 for a dollar. Sweet. 3 something
out of my pocket. I walk out of the store, see a mickey
d's. I am getting hungary, but I don't have enough money
for food or ciggarettes, and I hate to say it, but I need
ciggarettes, in my current state of mind more than I need
to food. But I want the food. So I stand out side for a
minute and ask for change. Alot of dirty looks come my way,
but in like 5 minutes I have aqquired about a dollar 30 or
more. So I get a 99 cent burger and an ice water. MMMM
yummie, thank you kind people. Head back to the bus stop.
Find the bus back, and I am on my way.
I meet up with Casper, and I only have 1 ciggarette.
(by the way, casper says that he is hungary and I say that
we will pan handle some change to get him some food to eat
for lunch.) I go to hebes, and ask for reds. 3.50, but I
only have 3.30. Damn 20 cents. Some dude walks in the
store. Escuse me, do you have 20 cents you can possibly
spare. He looks at me, looks me over. Yea check me out I am
decent looking...good enough for 20 cents, at least I hope.
He gives it up. Thank you so much. Ciggarettes. Yeah. Cool.
Eat and park for water. We sit there and smoke
ciggarette and apoligize for having no money for food or
tip or even soda. Casper says that he is hungary again,
says that he can't look at the place mat cause it isn't
helping. We sit for a while. The lady beside us gets up to
leave, and gives us half of her sandwhich. "I can't eat the
whole thing and I am staying in a hotel so it will just go
bad." thank you thank you we say. Good people...gotta love
Casper and I split. I go to a grassy patch to play with
my cards, but the grass is pretty over grown so I say screw
that. I walk up the street and there is a sidewalk sale
thing going on all weekend so I check it out. I get a free
sample of perfume from a Mary Kay stand. She says she loves
my jewerly. (I find that I often get compliments on my
apperance, even though I am freakish. They say I look nice,
I have nice eyes, My hair is pretty, my jewerly is nice,
and stuff like that....It really makes my heart melt...are
they talking about me? Or are they just fucking with me? oh
well it makes me feel good so I won't let myself question
it or analyze it)
I go into the art gallery that I noticed the other day,
which is where I had originally planned on going when the
grass didn't work out. I go inside and look around. It is beautiful...I love art. Cool post cards and
shit...everything...I just love art. I go in the back and
there is a man back there and we talk a little bit. He says
that he wants to take a picture of my for some faces of
pittsbugh thing. I laugh and tell him that I am not
photographic. He says "I don't ask just any one for a
picture...If I don't think it would be a good picture I
wouldn't ask at all." He reassures me. He is a professional
photographer, so I agree. Maybe it will actually be
possible for me to take a half decent photo. He asks me to
come back when the side walk sale is over for the picture.
Wow...Some one, a professional, wants to take a picture of
me. I am more flattered than I can express.
Lets see now...what else...oh yea I gave myself a
reading with my new cards, and they were amazingly
accurate. I used the angle oracle deck. My past card was
self affrimation...which means like accepting myself and
getting to know and love my self, which I have taught my
self to do recently. The second was Blessed, the present
card, and I feel as though I have been because of the
oppurinty I have gotten and everything just seems to be
going so right and I have scored much much much higher on
my tests than I have even imajined possible. My future card
was focus, which is what I will need to do for class and
college, which hopefully I will be starting soon.
Oh and I saw this girl which I kinda made friends with
before, like we chilled once and it was cool, so I thought,
but then she told everyone that I freak her out and I was
like fuck that. She was like all by herself and she
actually tried to talk to me (this is after I have been
ignored and dissed numerous times) so guess what? My turn
to annoy and diss. Sit alone by yourself and be lonely. See
how many friends you have with your attitude. Bitch.
(Sorry, but you just pissed me off a little...I am sure
your not a bitch and you have reasons for being the way you
are, one of them fat and I feel for you cause that must
really suck...but still...) ne way.
Lets see...Is that it so far? Well I guess that that's
enough, and I can't think of anything's only 3
o'clock. Even to ask for any more would be wrong. Oh yea
and Casper said it's been a great day for him too, when we
split and met up the second time I was like dude wants my
photo and he was like oh yea, well dude wants to hire me.
Rock on, Casper got a job. Just like that, in like under an
hour. Good day...very good day....To every one who
contribuited in my day today, thank you for such a
wonderful day!