the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2001-07-19 19:02:32 (UTC)

you know u want me .. but guess what .. u can't have me ! :p



Humm well i actually got up and went to practice this
morning I am all humm it was not that bad .. we did a 400
warm up ! I was all * muy malo muy malo !!!* if u know
spanish u know what this means and if u don't heheheheh
I 'm not telling ! Humm so time to look for colleges is
coming u and I have no idea where i want to go ! Darcy
wants me to stay here but really I can not see her going to
college .. so I am going to have to actually start
looking .. humm I wanna go away * far away * but yeah I
dunno I gotta think about it !
OKay I got bored and I was thinking about kid names..
I like the name Mikea .. i think that is so cute ..
Mikea ..

okay so yeah I am not sure how to follow up on my last
entry .. but hey I think it is weird that this guy named
chase from back home who his fatjher and my father are good
friends .. like the best .. is now claiming me as family ..
hehehehe too funny and like telling people about me .. as
in good things . I think it is hella funny
all those people back home are fake .. they were never my
frineds.. and most of them didn't even know i moved ! i
think that is way funny .. hahaha .. i did better for mself
and i don't need any of them ! so take that and shove it !

I am way bitter about people back home .. everyone wants a
piece of me now that I live here.

so whatev* as manda says*
lates ~*~